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Specialists in the design and production of small and medium-size lots and samples

Delivery across the whole of Italy and Europe

Lathing - Milling - Rectification - Narrowing

Why you should choose us?
Latest-generation interconnected key 4.0 machinery produced in a detailed work environment suitable for the production of products that satisfy our clients' needs. Here are some of the key features of our work:
Start-to-finish production
Our complete machine plant allows us to develop, from start-to-finish, specific details and specifications from designs, and so monitor at first-hand each stage of the production process.
We produce hand-made components, from single pieces to medium-large scale production, that satisfy the needs of our customers.
Speed of production
We guarantee all our production schedules, a promise that we are able to maintain thanks to a careful and efficient organisation of our work.
We can deliver across the whole of Italy and Europe from 8-48 hours after we receive a confirmed order.
Quality and responsibility
We check every single piece before it is delivered to the client, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of the final product.
Finished products
Express spare-parts
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. We will be pleased to demonstrate all our products to you, so you find that which is best suited to your specific needs.
+39 0522 875751

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