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Finished products
Officine Meccaniche Marcucci specialises in the manufacture of machine, lathe, milling and rectification components used in various sectors and industries. We produce mechanical components from client drawings, such as flanges, shafts, electro-mandrel units, gearwheels, pulleys, and high-precision mechanical forms. Our desire to meet our clients' needs is thus backed up by our state-of-the-art machines. For instance, our latest machine investment was for 3-axis lathes, 4- and 5-axis workstations, and numeric-control rectification machines.

In 2008, we also installed a CAD CAM software system that allows us to greatly reduce programming types and to manage more complex manufacturing processes. Today we can create single-item products or small-medium batches with start-to-finish work systems, so that we can deliver the finished product to our clients ready for testing or subsequent assembly.

As a result, apart from rendering their work more efficient by entrusting their project to us as a single supplier, our clients obtain an advantage in terms of time and cost.

Below are some products that our company has created for the food bottling sector (automatic filling machines, conveyor belt systems, packaging machines), for the agricultural sector (irrigation pumps, underground pumps, pressure groups); for the textile industry, mechanical components for textile production (such as spinning wheels, winders, thread twisting machines and drawing frames), and the creation from drawings of high-precision mechanical components.

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